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Grow Castle MOD APK v1.36.14 (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

I will introduce you to the best strategy game for the mind. So the game name is growing Castle. Millions of people have downloaded it.

The game grows the Castle is a tower defense game. The grow the Castle is mind-blowing. The game developer is YONG OAK PARK and is also published by them. You will have to be careful in the game, and your Castle will need to be saved.


The game grows the Castle is a tower defense game. Because in the match grow Castle, you will construct your Castle or, time by time, you will have to improve them. So constantly, you will be under the sign monsters, and you will face these monsters and save your Castle. When you defeat the enemies, you will get money. With this money, you can improve your Castle. The game grows the Castle has lots of strategy missions. So the game grows Castle is mind-blowing. And you can download it from the link given below. Let’s play the game grow Castle together.



Grow Castle is an amazing Android game, so it has got hundreds of beneficial Castle fighting features like castle upgrades, challenging waves, breathtaking warriors, and tremendous power-up add-ons. You’ll also get amazed with a massive variety of warriors and add-ons available on the game interface. Variety or versatility is one of the most notable features inside the Grow Castle game since it’s a small game, which means struggle is damn hard for holding much content.


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Grow Castle is the smallest-sized Android castle-building strategy game within the gaming universe. It, as it were, holds up to 50 Megabytes of your Inside capacity and gives you an especially animated Castle fighting interface. You’ll download and appreciate this game on smartphones, Android, and iOS.


Massive array of warriors containing Ogre, Archer, Hunter, Elf, Ice Mage, Lightning Mage, Fire Mage, White Mage, Necromancer, Priest, Smith, Voodoo, Lisa, Alice, Dorothy, Goblin, Alchemist, Dark Skeleton and Stone. These super-warriors contain distinctive powers like Ice, Fire, Water, Drive, Arrow based weaponry, Intellect Dream, and Psychic capacities.


The game works based on the Castle, but within the Castle, you may also upgrade all the warriors, archers, and all add-ons for enhancing your firepower at an extreme level.
It’s the feature-rich version of the official Grow Castle; we are assuring you all the futuristic features that’ll help you enhance your gaming power.


Grow Castle is fundamentally a wave kind of game, where the vast waves of enemies fall on our army, and we will have to protect our Castle from their attacks. So there are millions of challenging waves inside the Grow Castle, as the game has unlimited hurdles, which rise with the upgrades and money.


The game has two distinct virtual currencies, Golds and Diamonds. Gold Coins can help you buy and upgrade in-game assets, where the Diamonds can be employed for skipping the waves and experiencing the most challenging waves and bosses you have never experienced yet. This hacked version can work in almost all Android smartphones, whether it has root access or not.


  • Countless coins
  • Unlimited cash
  • No advertisement


It is a defense game to safeguard the Castle from enemy attacks if growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor.
Archer of the town is becoming a lot more potent with more upgrades than 120 heroes can use the skills. When you construct colonies and hire workers, you will be able to earn more gold, clear up to a higher level, wave, and check your rankings. Create or join an online guild. So you can communicate and play with people around the world. You may utilize it on your android phone at any time. Here you can download the mod version of the game grow the Castle.