Pokemon Go Mod Apk Free Download [Unlimited Coins/High Damage]


Download Pokémon GO mod Apk which comes with Unlimited coins and Fake GPS feature, and start the pokemon in a world of Pokemons.
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It’s the season of cheer, for Pokémon and Trainers alike!

Some new and familiar Pokémon faces are joining in the fun, and you and your Pokémon can look your winter best with brand new avatar items, poses, and more!

Join us for the first part of a two-part festive Winter Holiday event in Pokémon GO!


Pokemon Go Mod Apk Free Download [Unlimited Coins/High Damage]

If you’ve ever wanted to catch Pokémon in real life, then you’ll love to download Pokemon Go Mod Apk right now. The game has gained a lot of attention since it was released and has been a huge success. Since its release, it has changed the gaming world because of its quality and attractive gameplay. 

The key to Pokemon GO is a Pokémon that resembles the real-world Pokemon that can be tamed and trained. By releasing fun and appealing games, Niantic has caught the interest of many people. In the game, players will collect Pokemon from one location to another using poke balls. There are different types of Pokemon in different locations. 


Expand your map by discovering new landmarks. Travel from one location to another, collecting Pokemon along the way, with the help of the Pokeball. Besides being entertaining, this game allows you to play it even with your friends and discover new islands together. A new Pokémon game called Pokémon Go broke the world in 2016! At the Google Play Store alone, more than 100 million copies of the game have been downloaded! Niantic modified the classic Pokémon game by integrating virtual reality, creating a brand-new way for players to catch Pokémon.

pokemon go mod apk
pokemon go mod apk

With the help of good trainers, you’ll be able to explore the Pokemon world. Color and sound effects contribute to the most realistic scene. The game has been played by millions of people due to its easy gameplay. The goal of the game is to find and catch Pokémon in the outside world. In addition, you will be able to battle other trainers in real-time via Raid Battles! There are many more features to this amazing game.

With Pokemon GO, you can battle other players online. To further attack them, the player must control his Pokemon again. Battle and seek items with your teammates. To increase their level, players will have to touch stops. Explore the exciting world of Pokemon and beat challenges. Get rewarded for answering Pokemon questions. Acquire more knowledge about Pokemon and improve combat skills. Beat all Pokemon opponents by joining in on the battle.

Features of pokemon go mod apk

Vast world: You only see the world in this game, no map at all! The developers’ innovative use of virtual reality allows players to capture Pokémon from anywhere on the planet! You can go Pokémon hunting right away once the app is opened and your GPS is enabled. You should visit a Pokémon health center if your Pokémon are ill. The world’s beauty will be revealed with this amazing game!

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Compete with rivals:

Playing competitive games gives you great experiences. Players are attracted to the game due to its wide variety of Pokemon species. During special weather conditions, rare Pokemon can be found. Fighting Pokémon in Raid battles requires concentration and effort. Working with trainers will help you defeat many monsters. Additionally, the Friends system requires that individual members work together in coordination. The Pokémon Stop allows trainers to exchange gifts with each other. Trade Pokemon for monsters to get them.

Gym Battles:

In this game, you’ll need to battle in the gym! Sports battles can also be fought here, and there are several gyms! There are three types of gyms: instinctive, heroic, and mystic. Show off your skills by battling your opponents. Having a great community makes gaming so much more enjoyable.

Friend System:

Someone said that there is no social aspect to the game? Pokemon Go’s friend system allows trainers to exchange information with one another. A second way to spread love is by sharing gifts from PokéStops during play. Once you are close enough to each other, you can trade Pokémon here! When fighting your opponents in the gym, you will be greatly assisted by the Legendary Pokémon you receive through this method.

pokemon go mod apk
pokemon go mod apk

Mobilize with Pokemon:

In Adventure Sync, players choose to save their moves and communicate with many Pokemon species. As long as you fight hard, you can play however you want. You can play Pokemon with your friends to create closer bonds or to enjoy entertainment. Warriors or coaches are always as you want them to be. In order to energize yourself for the next match, reinforce your strength after each match. Besides being entertaining, Pokémon are also improving combat.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go Mod Apk

  1. Click on the Download button to download this game.
  2. Open File Manager and Got Downloads folder and open the mod File.
  3. Click on the Install button to install it on your phone.


You can download Pokemon Go Mod Apk now if you have not yet done so, or you can re-export the streets if you already have. That’s all for today guys, see you in the next one!



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